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Severe neck pain, numbness and tingling, and weakness in your arms sometimes requires cervical spine surgery. If you're considering surgery for your symptoms, see board-certified orthopedic surgeon Orin Atlas, MD, FAAOS, founder of Atlas Spine. Based in Hainesport, New Jersey, Dr. Atlas specializes in spine care for effective relief from pain and discomfort. To set up a consultation, call the office or book online now.

Cervical Spine Surgery

What types of cervical spine surgeries are available?

As a spine surgery specialist, Dr. Atlas performs many different cervical spine surgeries, including:

Posterior cervical laminectomy

For this procedure, Dr. Atlas operates through a small incision in the back of your neck to remove the lamina, a bony part of your vertebra that can compress your nerves and spinal cord if you have spinal stenosis.

Posterior cervical laminoplasty

A cervical laminoplasty is similar to a laminectomy but doesn't involve removal of the lamina. Instead Dr. Atlas creates a hinge between the lamina and vertebral body using bone grafts to increase space around your nerves and spinal cord.

Anterior cervical discectomy & fusion (ACDF)

An ACDF involves a surgical opening in the front of your neck to remove and replace a damaged disc. Dr. Atlas then fuses the vertebrae above and below the replacement disc for stability and symptom relief.

Artificial cervical total disc replacement

Total disc replacement is similar to ACDF but doesn't include a fusion. This may be an option if you don't have stability issues but need a new cervical disc.

Posterior cervical foraminotomy

A foraminotomy is a minimally invasive same-day surgery that uses tubes and surgical instruments to widen the vertebrae around your nerve roots.

Cervical corpectomy

A corpectomy is a procedure to remove and replace a vertebral body damaged by a spinal tumor, cancer, or a burst fracture.

In some cases, Dr. Atlas combines more than one procedure to provide you with the best long-term results possible.

When is cervical spine surgery recommended?

Dr. Atlas recommends cervical spine surgery if you've completed a trial of conservative care without success and still experience:

  • Severe neck pain
  • Cervical radiculopathy
  • Cervical myelopathy
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Cervical disc herniation
  • Degenerative disc disease

Dr. Atlas discusses which surgical options are best for your particular case after reviewing your medical records, completing a physical exam, and assessing your X-rays and MRI.

Am I a candidate for cervical spine surgery?

Dr. Atlas recommends conservative treatment options for neck pain, nerve, and disc problems as much as possible, though sometimes surgery is needed. To determine if you're a candidate, he completes a thorough exam and consultation to evaluate your condition and overall health.

If you take blood thinners or other medications that could make surgery dangerous, Dr. Atlas provides recommendations to reduce your risk of bleeding during surgery. Chronic conditions like diabetes can slow healing, so Dr. Atlas outlines what to expect after surgery, as appropriate.

To discuss cervical spine surgery for your condition, call Atlas Spine or schedule a visit online now.