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From the very beginning Dr. Atlas was extremely accommodating and showed very clearly he truly wants to help his patients. A breath of fresh air compared to most Dr’s I’ve seen leading up to my diagnosis. Professional, courteous, accommodating and very thorough. Not only will I continue to see him for future treatment, I will and already have referred friends and family to him. I was diagnosed with spinal myelopathy which required a laminectomy and C3-C7 fusion. Awesome Dr! Excellent Staff!

UMass Memorial at Worcester, MA sent me home in 10 days after injured in a major accident. Just 1 day at home I was in excruciating pain & back in hospital. Dr. Atlas after seeing X-Rays & MRI was shocked I was sent home because my spine was fractured. He did surgery T10-L2 fusion w/instruments and with in month I was walking and 7-8 month back to work & totally off of pain drugs. There is tolerable pain after 8 hours shift & sitting in front of a computer. Thanks 2 Dr. Atlas I got my life back.

Dr. Atlas performed an emergency microdiscectomy to remove a nearly 1cmX1cm herniation in my right L5. I was in extreme pain, and experienced immediate relief! I haven’t felt this good in 15 years! Dr. Atlas and his staff have wonderful bedside manner and are very helpful and friendly. Dr Atlas worked with me and I highly recommend him and his office.

I find the staff to be friendly and helpful. Dr Atlas diagnosis the problems that was causing all the pain that I’ve been having. His bed side manners is great. Also, he and the staff cares about the patients. I recommend him very highly.

Dr Atlas saved my life. I was in horrible pain and could not move an inch without screaming. He found an epidural abscess was in My spine. He removed that staph infection and preformed a laminectamy. I am 2 months out and feel so much better! I owe that all to Dr Orin Atlas.

Dr. Atlas was a Godsend ~ Haven’t felt this great in years, Actually ran for the 1st time in over a decade! Falls have decreased by 95% and pain is significantly decreased as well.

I have had three surgeries on my back by Dr. Atlas, and have had success all three times. He is a very caring doctor, and will only do surgery if it is necessary. He explains everything so you can understand what he is going to do, and it’s benefits. I would recommend him to everyone I know and to those I don’t know he is very good and knowledgeable in his field.

He is very confident extremely professional. My experience with a fix to my failing fission surgery was nothing short of miraculous. I am coming off my pain meds and can now sleep more than four hours at a time. Before the operation I was up almost every hour on the hour I walked around like a zombie. He did a great job you cannot do better than him.

Dr. Atlas gave me my life back!! Living in pain for years, other doctors didn’t know what to do; Dr. Atlas relieved my “chronic intractable pain”. This surgery was miraculous. A GREAT result! The staff at Atlas Spine is helpful, encouraging and understanding. Priscilla and Kathy kept me updated and on track while Shannon guided me through the process. Thank you all for being awesome! I would highly recommend this office to anyone who has back pain.

On New Year’s Eve 2013, Joyce Bendik danced with her husband. A seemingly simple feat that was improbable just one year earlier, the dance celebrated a year ahead filled with new possibilities.

In 2012, at age 78, Joyce was diagnosed with multiple-myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells that can affect your bones. She began treatment at the Virtua Fox Chase Cancer Program and was determined not only to survive, but to continue living a full life with her husband, Ed.
“I can’t let this beat me,” Joyce told herself.

Then, Joyce slipped and fell. The fall, combined with the pressure of a large tumor, fractured Joyce’s spine. She was quickly referred to Dr. Orin Atlas, an orthopedic spine surgeon at Virtua.

The prognosis wasn’t good. With the cancer and the fracture, Joyce faced a serious combination of life-threatening health issues. If Joyce were to survive surgery on her spine, there was a risk of total limb paralysis or at least a significant loss of function.

But, that didn’t happen to Joyce; instead she recovered with full limb functionality. She also beat her cancer.

“When Dr. Atlas told me that I was going to walk again, I told him, ‘No, I am going to dance again,’” says Joyce.

Today, she credits Dr. Atlas, his team, and her caregivers at Virtua’s Rehabilitation Center in Mount Holly with saving her life. After a week in the hospital, a month in the rehabilitation center and physical therapy, Joyce is back to hosting dinner parties, vacationing on cruises and dancing with her husband.

Joyce Bendik’s Story: A Reason to Dance


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