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Dr. Atlas has made me straight again! I have been battling Scoliosis since I was 9 years old. I had surgery back in 1986 and had Harrington rods installed and over the years my remaining discs became completely compressed and I was experiencing extreme pain from sciatica and spinal stenosis to the point I could barely walk or stand. I went to several doctors and Dr. Atlas was the most thorough and confident stating he could make me at least 70% better and for the amount of pain I was living with that gave me great hope. I went with my gut feeling and picked Dr. Atlas for this very complex surgery and am glad I did. I have received exceptional care from Dr. Atlas, his staff and Virtual Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly, NJ, before, during and after my surgery. I am still in physical therapy recovering from surgery and Dr. Atlas always has made time for any questions, concerns, etc. I have had. He has even called on his personal cell to ensure I was feeling ok while I was in the hospital. I would recommend and have already recommended my friends and family to Dr. Atlas.

I had many months with no sleep, suffering and not being able to stand up then I finally found out about Dr. Atlas. For many months I had a lot of sharp pain on my neck, back, and legs. I also had tingling pain on my arms and hands.I had a lot of weakness on all of those parts. I had a feeling that my arms were going to just fall off because of the pain. In my first visit at Dr. Atlas office he let us know that he could help me out with all of the pain I had. He recommend me that surgery would be the an option for me. My surgery was a complete success with the help of Dr. Atlas. Dr. Atlas told us that it was going to be 85% of improvement but I feel like it was 100% of improvement. Thanks to Dr. Atlas! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Atlas to anyone. Thank you Dr. Atlas for everything!!

Dr. Atlas was very professional and took the time to explain and go over everything I needed to know. I would recommend Dr. Atlas to anyone that needs a great surgeon.

Back in October 2013, I began to have tingling in both of my hands ~ it felt like they were falling asleep. By December, I had no feeling in either hand; my fingers were numb and I couldn’t even button a button – my hands felt like lobster claws. I was referred to Dr. Atlas who found an impingement to my spinal cord. He removed the impingement and replaced a disc in my neck. The feeling has returned to my fingers and hands and I can do anything I want again. I highly recommend Dr. Atlas – he gave me back my life!

In my first visit with Dr. Atlas, any fears I had with the fusion surgery were relieved with his calm assurances, his thorough explanation of the procedure, and his confidence that my recovery would be comfortable. My operation was completed and I was released from the hospital the next day, pain free. Recovery has progressed pain free and without any surprises. Dr. Atlas is a, caring, and knowledgeable professional whose objective is the well being of the patient. His staff is courteous, attentive, and represents the high quality standards set by Dr. Atlas.

Dr. Atlas was professional and honest when telling me about my diagnosis. His staff was courteous and prompt with appointments and calling in prescriptions. He came highly recommended by various health professionals, so it made the decision to get spinal surgery easy. His bedside manner was excellent. The follow up and after care continues to be a pleasant experience.

Dr. Atlas and his staff are wonderful. He has a GREAT bedside manner. He really listens to what you have to say and doesn’t dismiss it. I would highly recommend his office to anyone. Excellent!!!!

Dr. Atlas is an outstanding doctor. The care I receive from him is exceptional starting with his correct diagnosis of my condition all the way to the after surgery care. His bedside manners are remarkable. He made me feel at ease about my surgery. His skills are exceptional and the level of caring about performing his best is amazing. He is professional, caring and compassionate. He takes his time to explain and answer any/all questions/concerns and never makes me feel rushed. He is “one of a kind” doctor. The staff is also very helpful and caring. I am very grateful for having him as my Doctor. He is the kind of Physician you stick with for life. Thank you Dr. Atlas.

The care I received from Dr. Atlas and his staff was nothing less than professional. Dr. Atlas provided me with a concise diagnosis within moments of my first consultation. His genuine concern and empathy were both comforting and relieving. I felt confident in his competence and his diagnosis of my condition. I felt no concerns about the surgery and was never worried. Shortly after the surgery Dr. Atlas visited with me by my bed side and reviewed the procedure. Dr. Atlas and his staff kept me and my wife well informed every step of the way and never left us wondering what would happen next. Dr. Atlas’ staff are warm and personable as well as competent in every definition of the word. I hope that I never need another spinal surgery or surgery in general at all for the rest of my life, but if I do I would not have anyone other than Dr. Atlas and his team of professionals perform it.


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